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The Fanny Pack Is Back – And Better Than Ever Before!

The fanny packs back and not going anywhere. For those who aren’t up on the trend (don’t worry we don’t judge), a fanny pack is the same thing as a bum bag, waist bag, belt bag, etc.

Still not ringing any bells? So fanny packs actually date back to 15th century France, where people wore small bags that hang from their belt called a chatelaine. However, it didn’t become a popular trend in America until the 1980s. It’s essentially a bag that clips around your waist (the reason it was coined a fanny pack) that’s perfect for holding wallets, keys, and maybe even a cold beer :)

Many older fashion trends have begun circling back around and even major fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci have released luxury fanny pack lines of their own.  

Interested in a quality fanny pack without breaking the bank?

The Retro Bag Shops first batch of fanny packs features rose’ bottles to pineapple themed designs that will have all of your friends asking where you bought it. We aim to build a great product, but one you can feel good about supporting. If you haven’t checked out our charity page, for every purchase at The Retro Bag Shop, a percent is donated to nonprofit organizations like equality now, that help takes action against the negative stereotypes and discrimination faced by people every day.

Whether you’re a fan or not the fanny back has made a come back in a major way. Don’t worry though, the old fanny packs your dad wore in the ‘80s to all your soccer games can stay in the closet. The Retro Bag Shop aims to bring the convenience of the fanny pack with a strong dose of style that will add some fun to any outfit. From brunch to your next electric zoo concert the fanny pack is without a doubt the ultimate accessory. Check out our latest arrivals here!

November 13, 2018 — The Retro Bag Shop Staff