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How to Wear A Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are extremely versatile. For men and women both, the fanny pack is a unisex item. They can also be worn so many ways.


The fanny pack is the most comfortable, practical bag on the market. Being completely handsfree, it has an advantage over all other bags. It has different pockets to store all of your everyday needs, and isn’t hanging from your shoulder or carried in your hands.


Versatility is key with the fanny pack. You can wear the fanny pack all different ways. Recently, wearing the fanny pack as a shoulder bag (across the body) has become a big trend. Since it has adjustable straps, you can wear the fanny pack on the waist, hips, shoulder or across the body.


Not only wearing the fanny pack multiple ways, men and women alike can wear the bags. A lot of fanny pack designs are unisex, so you can share your fanny with your significant other!


Fanny packs are fun, stylish and

Travel Bag

When traveling by plane, the fanny pack is the best way to keep your travel essentials on your body. Think boarding pass, cell phone, passport, ID, and money right there without having to search the deep pockets of your carry-on. What’s even better – the fanny pack is TSA friendly and is not counted as one of your carry-on bags, so you can still have your luggage but also have your travel essentials within easy access.

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November 12, 2018 — The Retro Bag Shop Staff